Sweet buns

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  • A duo that makes you experience the apple pie in a new form.
    Cinnamon bun & crumble pie together with apple filling & caramel sauce creates a unique taste explosion. 

  • A dream for all chocolate lovers; soft and juicy bun, filled with dark chocolate and crushed hazelnuts.
    At the top you will find our delicious frosting topped with BBA´s own chocolate sauce and roasted hazelnuts

  • Coco Carrot is a combination of cinnamon bun & warm carrot cake topped with caramel sauce and coconut.

  • A classic cinnamon bun with a delicious cinnamon filling and a creamy cream cheese frosting. 

  • A fresh and smooth bun, filled with vanilla and grated lemon peel, topped with a light lemon cream cheese frosting and caramelized lemon peel.

  • This is a bun with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity filled with cream cheese, raspberry jam and blueberries topped with cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries. 

Showing all 6 results